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The Crystal Gems - Pearl

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-19


Hi all over again! Another crystal gem!! This time is... Pearl!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you like it! Don't forget check out to my FB page!


  • Aerotrack 22 May 2016

    nice ;з

    NirmtwarKs 22 May 2016

    thank you ^.^

  • ThenDie 21 May 2016

    These lines in the background, I would blur it if I were you :)

    NirmtwarKs 22 May 2016

    I respect your opinion but this drawing it's only a sketch, and in all this type of sketches I do this... "background", so I dont think I must "blur it" at all... it's only some color an expresive lines for don't leave a blank background... i don't understand how some lines can "disturb" anyone... ;D

  • Anonymous 19 May 2016

    good, but it would look better if you'll work on background, it's a bit disturbing :)

    NirmtwarKs 20 May 2016

    Srry but... I think dont understand it completly... What disturbs you, exactly? If you only say that I can't understand it well :|

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