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Silohuete w&b

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-17


Drawing made with white charcoal over black bond paper


  • Khobe 17 May 2016

    Very economical and minimalist, forces the eye and the brain to fill the negative spaces with imagination. Keep on with the anatomical proportions you are making strides with your explorations. Remember you are tackling the most difficult subject with the human form. Organic geometry is the golden key.

    Oscarlira 20 May 2016

    Thanks Khobe, each time i draw in white i get more confidence, still have lot of things to learn, so ill keep trying, sounds easy, geometry is golden key but is not easy to get it,, i was reviewing some stuff from this year and last, i have found mistakes that i could not see back then, as always Thanks a lot for your guidance

  • Art is life 13 Sep 2016

    This is just wow!!!!!

    Oscarlira 24 Nov 2016

    Thanks very much

  • preeti rajput 22 May 2016

    awesome creativity!!

    Oscarlira 23 May 2016

    Thanks for the words Preeti

  • Mythology1 21 May 2016

    I love the shading!

    Oscarlira 21 May 2016

    Thanks very much mithology

  • xitina 18 May 2016

    Grate work! I love the shades on the neck !

    Oscarlira 20 May 2016

    I really appreciate your words Xitina, thanks

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