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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-10


Poster of my newest hand-drawn stop-motion animation:


  • Khobe 11 May 2016

    Your poster got my attention and I watched your animation, did it mean a wake up call? In my sense loneliness is the natural basic state of all creatures. A dystopic system destroys the real sharing of intimacy we can share with other creatures, making loneliness hell when it doesn't have to be. The tragedy we are witnessing the rise of an electronically controlling regime being imposed growing planetarily now without our consent or knowledge for most_ à la Matrix.

    Verton93 13 May 2016

    First of all thank you for watching this animation! I'm glad it is impulse to consider. The basic assumption of all my films is there is no one correct interpretation. I want everyone to find their own interpretation. In my mind main theme of this film is overhelming system which controlls everything, there are only its puppets. But system knows that it must evolve so it accepts individuals that are beyond it, uses them to upgrade itself like first preeukaryotic cells which absorbs prokaryotes to evolve. This electronic controls understands natural call of freedom and uses it to stengthen itself. I'm afraid there is possibilty to creating regime like this in our world in future or, who konws, maybe it begins to function right now. About loneliness I think it is natural state to all of us too, but I think when I wake up in automated world I would like to find someone who will understand me and with whom I could communicate. Once more thanks for watching my animation and thank you for co

  • Jeff Bliven Photography 29 Aug 2017

    I like it. Looks dark and forboding.

  • Anonymous 10 May 2016

    cool! and the animation is great! very touching!

    Verton93 10 May 2016

    Thanks! I'm very happy you like it! I hope you'll enjoy my other films too!

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