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The Arc

Type: photo Uploaded: 2016-05-09


Destiny: A Guardian is granted access to the very bathing place of the Vex, he is granted the Arc. Struck by lightening, he is consumed by power. The Guardians do not have darkness to fear, but the very weapon they have created. Not all resurrected by lights of ghosts wish to serve the Traveler. Some are born with darker means of their own.


  • Khobe 9 May 2016

    What an interesting and ominous scene with this tether like structure seemingly suspended over a deep void enveloped in velvety darkness, it's cold stillness broken only by an unexpected violent and lethal lightning flash.

    W-H-E-A-T 23 May 2016

    Within that Blast a new Guardian has just gained a great deal of power, I just haven't put up the picture of who that Guardian is.

  • Anonymous 2 Jun 2016

    Looks great

    W-H-E-A-T 28 Jun 2016

    Thank you

  • Anonymous 9 May 2016

    intersting concept,,,,,,,,

    W-H-E-A-T 23 May 2016


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