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Winter fox chillin

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-05


Owner and ref; I finished my most recent art trade drawing of Winter the fox. I had gotten directions for what colors were wanted for the outfit and I'm kind of glad to add more green to my gallery


  • Jan Spicka 7 Jun 2016

    who is calling?:]

    Justinnator4 9 Jun 2016

    I don't know. Lol. When they asked me to draw their character on the phone they didn't specify. Thanks for commenting.

  • Godel Santos 5 May 2016

    the way taht you represent this is way beyond compare,,,

    Justinnator4 5 May 2016

    Thanks, especially coming from someone who draws such interesting mythological scenes.

  • Anonymous 5 May 2016


    Justinnator4 5 May 2016

    Anthropomorphic animal people have been around since Egypt and Micky Mouse. What is exactly "wiard" about it?

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