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Croatian Manuscript-Sea Harbor

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-05-02


A sea harbor manuscript artwork for upcoming summer 2016.


I like the concept of the frame over the drawing, it May Seems Also as of it was a mirror and you watch the sea which is Behind you. I see you have a very specific style which i will not comment drawing rules as perspective, shape and proportions. Your drawing is colorful, which is fantastic, it makess the eye of the viewer have an optical bufete, wonderful the way you choose, combine and use them. Simply amazing What it comes to my mind at fist is the efect of the sun over the water. As i can see the sun is too high from the sea to create the sunset / sunrise reflection. The Walls on the buildings May have needed moré contrast i mean the Walls we see are oposite to the sun ligth, there would have Been a good idea to show some sunligth reflection on a building edge as you did with the roof. Try to shade the buttom part of your boat, your ship Needs Also reflection on the see.

You have unique style .. Maybe it's related to Croatian art, I don't know..but I love it. the frame has it's own style, but the picture in it is a little pit faded..I prefer if you use stronger colors to be blended with the frame. More shadows in the sea view is better I think.. Also, I'm curious bout the kind of colors that you use in all your paintings and kind of looks special :)


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