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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-01


Drawing made with white charcoal over Black Bond paper


  • Khobe 1 May 2016

    I guess your taste for suggestion and mystery with the wide spectrum of subtlety and intensity charcoal permits is growing, keep it up.

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks Khobe, i have this idea for a time then i decided to do it, i think its a very sexy drawing and drawing with white charcoal Gives me another información that i May miss when i draw in Black charcoal with white paper

  • CynthiaCasto 2 May 2016

    Very nice shades to it.

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Im very peleases that tío liked it Cynthia

  • pencil recreations 2 May 2016

    Magic Oscar you work your magic so very well...

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    I real y apreciare your coment pencil, Thanks very much my friend

  • bielebny 1 May 2016

    Next move to perfection :)

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks and i hope so Bielebny ;)

  • Anonymous 1 May 2016

    Very well done. Nice contrast in shading, but it is the absence of shading or shall I say the highlights that makes this art piece come to life. Beautiful !!!

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks annonymous Drawing in Black is always a challenge, and it was sometjing very diferent that drawing skin or fur which i usually do, i real y did y josé highligths to make contrast with legs

  • Anonymous 1 May 2016

    original in deed

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks very much annonymous

  • Anonymous 1 May 2016

    Very good at conveying atmosphere.

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks very much for the words annonymous

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