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Cat in The dark

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-04-29


Drawing made with charcoal And pastel over Black Bond paper, Please check NykuT And caratulion versión


  • Crystal Jones 30 Apr 2016

    Lovely ! I love it !!! =^-^=

    Oscarlira 30 Apr 2016

    Thanks a lot Crystal, i know You are a cat lover, thanks For Your apreciation

  • trevorp 1 May 2016

    Beautiful detailed artwork. Didn't realise it was one of your creations until I checked out the artist's name. Style looked different

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Apreciate very much your words Trevor, this is pastel, i dont use oftenly rather than pen or pencil, Bit its a technique that i liked a lot, that and the fact that is the only technique that give me opacity over black paper.

  • Jankovic 1 May 2016

    Ha so cute, especially the eyes.

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks very much Jankovic

  • NykuT 29 Apr 2016

    my cat also dont look up :D

  • NykuT 29 Apr 2016

    nice eyes !!!! seems like real, but your cat seems angry :D do i right? :D

    Oscarlira 29 Apr 2016

    The issue is The noise, is misaligned, i Just saw when i watch Your works, That And The fact on eyes That are not looking to The top

  • Kana Go 1 May 2016


    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks Kana

  • CynthiaCasto 2 May 2016

    He's so lifelike i could pet him! Brilliant.

    Oscarlira 6 May 2016

    Thanks very much Cynthia, un so glad that your liked it

  • W-H-E-A-T 4 May 2016

    Beautiful eyes, and a love the fur detail.

    Oscarlira 5 May 2016

    Im very glad that your linee my work wheat

  • Jeffmiller615 30 Apr 2016

    Very exceptional piece,...Great job,..!

    Oscarlira 30 Apr 2016

    Thanks very Much Jeff, appreciate Your words

  • Anonymous 26 Mar 2017

    trully cool. I mean I truly lov it!!! :}

  • caratulion 29 Apr 2016

    esta vez no voy a lógica que perdería tremendo trabajo !!!!!.........pero no esta mirando para arriba.... ;P

    Oscarlira 29 Apr 2016

    Me creerás si te digo que no me di cuenta hasta que lo vi junto al de ustedes, de eso se trata de ver cómo lo resuelve alguien más las cosas que me hacen falta

  • bielebny 29 Apr 2016

    Great work !

    Oscarlira 30 Apr 2016

    Thanks Bielebny

  • Anonymous 29 Apr 2016


    Oscarlira 30 Apr 2016


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