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Study of charcoal

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-04-26


Drawing made in white charcoal over Black paper

Challenge: caratulion VS Oscarlira


  • Jan Spicka 26 Apr 2016

    looks pretty good oscar:)

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    Tha ks very Much My friend Jan

  • Tomas 26 Apr 2016

    Great work! 5 stars, great anatomy and posture! Love it! :)

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    I really appreciate Your words Tomas, so glad That You liked My work

  • Khobe 27 Apr 2016

    I see you're getting incentives by friendly challenges, that can be rewarding if you let yourself be driven just for the fun of it but demand artistic quality always. It can stimulate your apprenticeship forward. Explore and accumulate experiences while sticking to solid artistic principles, that's the best recipe. You are growing and gaining confidence!

    Oscarlira 27 Apr 2016

    Khobe i understand very well What You are Telling me, And Yes i cannot resist to a challenge i love them, Just For The fun to have It, of Course That im following The artistic principles, actually im very focused on That, Thanks very Much For Your comments. Even i do These drawings You know That im form on the task That You told me, to sketching until You tell me What is next

  • trevorp 13 Jun 2016

    Nice black & white artwork Oscar :-)

  • NykuT 27 Apr 2016

    i send you a message on your fb page ... when you find some time, answer me there ))

  • NykuT 26 Apr 2016

    hy gues, if you did a mini concurs between you without me, I also want to participate :D :D i see that the caratilon did the same drawing, someone propose a (theme, photo or a subject) something, and who want to participate, they are welcome ))))) what do you say guys?

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    Nyku, Your proposal is more than welcomed, That was exactly What we Did, we propose a theme And decided to work by ourselves And see What happen. It was very interesting And we had a lot of fun doing It. As It is still dificult to talk someone here, do You have Instagram or snapchat ? MY id on Both is: oscarliraart Please let me know And we can start a new challenge between we 3, And with more people as they May be adding to our tópics challenge

  • W-H-E-A-T 26 Apr 2016

    This is beautiful, with great form and those shines. I love that ring formation, it has great balance of and contrast.

    Oscarlira 27 Apr 2016

    Thanks very Much Wheat, i really like The b&w drawings specially The Black background i enjoy Drawing That

  • Lucy 30 Apr 2016

    Very good! In particular hair, ass and legs!

    Oscarlira 30 Apr 2016

    Your appteciAtion is so welcomed Lucy, Im so glad You liked My Drawing

  • NirmtwarKs 28 Apr 2016

    I think this type of drawings are the most beautiful you have in your gallery! I love them! ^.^

    Oscarlira 29 Apr 2016

    I really appreciate Your words Nirmtwark, i really love Drawing in b&w And more If The background is Black

  • Sourav.. 26 Apr 2016

    innovative and wonderful..

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    Very appreciated Your comments Sourav

  • bielebny 26 Apr 2016

    Another great piece of art

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    Thanks very Much Bielebny

  • Anonymous 26 Apr 2016

    mucho mejor que el mio.....GRANDE MASTER

    Oscarlira 26 Apr 2016

    Claro que no es así, solo es un trazo diferente, tú dibujo es genial

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