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Cambodia: Angkor Wat (work in Progress)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-04-14


This is a photograph of a small section of a larger piece of work I am working on. It is an ambitious continuation of the apsara theme that includes landscape and architecture of the Angkor Wat complex. I expect this will take several more weeks to complete.


  • Redtreatjas 7 Jun 2016

    Oh my... This is so fabulous. Well detailed work and the shading is perfect. Great work

    Graphiteartist 8 Jun 2016

    Thanks REDtreat. The piece is now finished and I am in the process of having it professionally digitally photographed . Hopefully, I'll be posting it here in the coming days.

  • GATESYS ART 22 Apr 2016

    GTFO insane detail looking great.

    Graphiteartist 23 Apr 2016

    Thanks GATESYS ART, I am please that you appreciate the work and the attention to detail. Looking forward to displaying the finished piece in the not too distant future.

  • SarahMcK 14 Apr 2016

    Wonderful!! The detail in this drawing is outstanding! Great work :) I hope you share the completed piece look forward to seeing it

    Graphiteartist 15 Apr 2016

    Thank you SarahMcK. I am very pleased to see that this piece has made a good impression. I am still a long way from completion but I will be sharing the entire piece once I am satisfied that it is done.

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