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Where is my mind? W.I.P.

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-04-13


Something that stuck in my mind, dunno what's that for real, but it looks pretty dope, so... Here U go. (Work in progress)


That's great. looks like a nightmare mix with adventure dream....but i like it so much....

Very interesting, definitely can feel the dream state by the unclear and good use of blacks and whites. If this is a sketch or rough idea of your idea this is on spot. As a refined piece you definitely want to get a better structure going or idea. Complete it even if it's not to the fullest. The egg shapes in front of your cloaked man, one would definitely tell those are solids by the hatch marks, but the way your have them outlined and shaded they look allot like floppy bushes. Definitely want to define your objects by their textures. Practice that, study the different looks of objects from rocks to cloths for clothing. That large planet is spot on, love the use of the white shading on it. Work on your anatomy for clothing, folds and stiff structures like staffs for your character or man being in the middle. He looks a little cartoon-ish and kind of sloppy. But, again if this is a rough idea understandable. Keep at it!


  • Anonymous 14 Apr 2016

    eerily nice

  • Anonymous 13 Apr 2016

    Love ❤ this piece keep going

  • Anonymous 13 Apr 2016

    It is deep to get,your mind will come to you

  • Anonymous 13 Apr 2016

    I really like the lighting of the white and the scene

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