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Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-28


Here is a deviation of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Crash is a very hyperactive, friendly and somewhat dumb and lazy Bandicoot who use to be a normal natural bandicoot till he was kidnapped by Dr. Neo Cortex and zappd by the Evolvo-Ray to become the leader of the super animals to take over the world. He was then tested in the Cortex Vortex and as afailed result, he gained a natural sence of justice to stop Cortex and free his girlfriend Tawna Bandicoot. When not on adventures, Crash spends his free time on N. Sanity Island with Aku Aku, his highly inteligent younger sister Coco and their former rival Crunch and also spends time napping, sun-bathing and playing with his Yoyo. He can spin at top speed to break crates and float in the air for a short time and he can also slide on his butt to kick his enemies from the heals and crush them with his body slam. He maintains his thin and slim body by eating nothing but magical yellow and orange apples known as wumpa fruit. On his left is Spyro the Dragon. Spyro is an athletic... well... dragon... who was stolen as an egg by two theives but were left behind in Artisans after the dragons scared the theives away causing them to drop the two eggs while running away. One egg hatched and Spyro was born and another egg hatched and a dragonfly named Sparx was born. The dragons raised Spyro and Sparx as if they were their sons till many years later, Gnasty Gnorc transformed all the dragons into stone after one of them talked too much crap about him and so, Spyro went out on an adventure to save them. He spends his free time going to Avalar and visiting his friend Elora, relaxing at Dragon Shores, playing with Sparx and of course making fun of the sheep. He can breath fire from both his mouth and his nose and he can also use his wings to glide for a short time and reflect enemie fire. His horns are incredibly strong and they can break through solid rocks like Knuckles and Rouge can and his main breath abilities are fire, electricity, ice and bubbles. (Well, six if you count his earth and convexity ability in the legend trilogy games.) He is die-hard and compassionate of others and always willing to help but he is also mischievous, bratty and unpredictable. He gets smart mouthed and obnoxious when things get too much for him. Despite his stubborn personality, His passion for being a hero is second to none. These guys are the mascots for the Sony Playstation and they are also the first guys i've ever played before as well. XD


  • Mazcroft1987 28 Sep 2014

    awesome wee sketch. love playing these game when I was younger ;)

  • Anonymous 28 Sep 2014


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