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Chris Olivian and Eddrickson

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-28


This is my very first OC named Christalina Olivian (Chris for short). Chris is a mermaid who is hard-working, independent and die-hard. She lives in an aquatic city known as Pacifichon with her parents and her pet starfish Eddrickson. She has a job as a ground's keeper, which she actually thinks is a fun job despite it taking too much of her study time. The reason she has this job is because her parents are always struggling with money and can't afford much, such as rent, electric bills, or even presents for Christmas or Chris' birthday. So it's up to her and Eddrickson to help their paretns with their constant financial struggles. One strangth she has it her skills in personal finance. Economics and Personal Finance are her strongest classes, which means she is the one who helps her parents pay for all their bills and finacial problems. However, what she tends to struggle with the most is that she has a bit of an OCD issue. She wants and expects everything she does when helping to be perfect as she was instructed to. Even when a person says "you don't need to go that far with helping me" she ignores the "you don't need to" part and puts in more perfection than she needs to, which can range from her missing the purpose of what the financial issue is about or having it drag on for way too long, resulting with her running out of time to get the issue solved. Another problem she has is whenever she gets Eddrickson to help her, he tends to give up right in the middle of solving the problem. Or other times, he may think he's trying his hardest to solve the situation but in reality, he's making it worse. For whatever money she has left after paying for her parent's bills or insurance, she takes desposable income and devides it by two. She takes the first half and saves it to her bank account. And for her second half, she spends it on what she and Eddrickson want, such as going to the mall or going to the movies. She and Eddrickson are more than willing to put forth their best effort everyday no matter how difficult their motivations are.


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