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Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-02-22


Work in progress update: For those of you who ask me about how I paint hair, here is my crazy weird process. I try to get most of the base layers (which are usually the dark layers) down with fat brush strokes... then I go in with the lighter colors. Sometimes (in this case) I start working on the highlights before I've laid down the rest of the base layers.. because I'm impatient and like to see things complete. Anyways, I also kind of outline with a lighter shade where the direction of the hair is going. I don't know.. I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong way of doing it, I just know this is what works for me. Hope that helps!


  • kitten_500 28 Mar 2016

    Looks amazing so far

  • trevorp 27 Mar 2016

    Wonderful artwork - looking great so far :-)

  • Markovic Petar 25 Feb 2016

    I cant w8 to see whole work! :) great job

  • lara 22 Feb 2016

    Painting is very wonderful

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