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Samurai Darth Vader

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-02-21


This has been a popular "alternate universe" concept for Darth Vader, and for all fan artists. I went for a different angle on Vader. Something I thought would be very different, compared to the previous two sketches. Of course all you fans know the famous force choke, commonly known with all sith lords. Thats it for the Star Wars series Im afraid. Please visit, like, follow and subscribe to these other channels: Facebook: Deviantart: Art Station:… Tumblr:


  • trevorp 21 Feb 2016

    Interesting concept and clever design :- Well done :-)

  • NobleBacon 22 Feb 2016

    Amazing! I love the idea of Darth Vader being a samurai! You skill with shading is great but the body shape seems a bit odd. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Joseph kalys 21 Feb 2016

    Cool design!

  • Marcelo Luna 21 Feb 2016


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