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i'm a fake

Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-09-26


~the fall of sherlock from sherlock series~


  • blvckink 15 Sep 2015

    very expressive :D

  • Nuorikko 7 Nov 2014

    I like the colors, I like the movement, but I don't understand why the text is there where it is now? It looks like the text is going "back", and in that Sherlock situation there's no going back ('cuz he "died") :D Or do you mean with that placement of text, that he is faking his dead, and taking back those words? in that case, well done! :D

  • doubleU-T-F 26 Sep 2014

    It's just a magic trick.

  • jdelourdes 26 Sep 2014

    inquietante tecnica me siento en segunda persona,me gusta

  • Anonymous 26 Sep 2014


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