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The Silence of a Reflection(WIP)

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-01-16


The Silence of a Reflection Stealing a whisper from my lips as the voices echo from afar My reflection pouring from the hourglass while speaking of loneliness with her saddened glare She doesn't recognize me as I am well aware Her beauty now gone only her eyes and their saddened glare remain.


  • Oscarlira 16 Jan 2016

    Awesome Drawing

  • Justinnator4 16 Jan 2016

    Nice poetic description.

  • Terrix PowerPoint 16 Jan 2016

    It looks so mysterious,but great artwork by the way.

  • Zburlea Ariana 12 Mar 2016

    This is really adorable. I would like to see much many drawings in this style!

  • tigerlily 13 May 2016

    well done, keep up the good work

  • ArtbyEric 16 Jan 2016

    I like the concept and the style. Reminds me of some of Vince Collins stuff.

  • Anonymous 16 Jan 2016

    Cannot wait until it is finished

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