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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-01-08


It's time for me to draw another member of the Fearsome Five: Megavolt, my second favorite out of the five. Bushroot is my #1 favorite. Sometimes I enjoy challenging myself to draw something new. What I'm most proud of is just Megavolt alone. Although what really gave me a hard time is the strands of hair sticking out. When it come to darker backgrounds, I used a white Prisma colored pencil to make his hair revealing; unfortunately, it didn't turn as well as I thought it would. So I just left it black after I colored the mistake over with darker Prisma markers. The background is all right, but the buildings are pathetic. I'm ignoring it, so sue me! XD I'm just kiddin'. I used watercolor for the beginning, Prisma markers to cover over the watercolor to give the scenery a Hellish effect, white Prisma colored pencil for highlight, and Micron pens for outline. I DO NOT OWN MEGAVOLT. COPYRIGHT FROM TOON DISNEY.


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