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Miyuki and Cadence snow ball fight

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-12-21


I drew this for a contest on Instagram as Justinnator5. It was to draw the host's character, a male tiger OC of the Two Kinds species, in a scenario with mistletoe. I hap hazordly started with snowball fighting instead of kissing and decided to just roll with it and add dialog and stuff to move it back to the topic. When coloring Miyuki, I had to resort to digital coloring since I was drawing small and had only one shade of purple colored pencil. Without digital touch up, she'd have more blank and grey areas. Also, this is the first drawing to show her holding her sheathed sword with her tail. She's considered clothed in fur and when a sling or belt isn't available, her tail is strong and dextrose enough to hold the sword without having to think about it. Cadence the tiger OC belongs to; Miyuki the purple lynxian (fox, tiger, lynx hybrid) belongs to me.


  • Vic-Chan 28 Feb 2016

    That's a cute drawing. =)

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