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Ushbus Meowclops Fusion Sketches

By Ushbus
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-12-16


Here is some cute little doodles of Ushbus as a Meowclops. These arent really done in much seriousness. Just me trying to loosen up and not take drawing so seriously all the time.


  • Oscarlira 18 Dec 2015

    Great Ushbus, those Kitten are so amazing

  • Crystal Jones 13 May 2016

    Nice ^^

  • kitten_500 17 Dec 2015

    I have not been on my account in years, and I remember being in elementary school having it. I still go onto it sometimes to play the games that do not require an account, and check out the achieve section. I am in college too.

  • kitten_500 17 Dec 2015

    This reminds me of Tim Burton sketches a bit. It is cool that someone else uses as well.

  • Bacon&Eggs 16 Dec 2015

    This is a very adorable drawing, I love it!

  • Anonymous 16 Dec 2015

    Very cool and strange!

  • Anonymous 16 Dec 2015


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