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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2014-09-25


I designed these two as adoptables on my deviant art account (here the top one now belongs to "ShamboroB" on deviant art while the bottom one is still open (I will probably keep it) note the photos are not my own I found them of the web then removed the different backgrounds because they were annoying me :P monarch butterfly picture is from here: blue triangle butterfly picture is from here: unfortunately the picture has uploaded badly for some reason and it now has strange green blotchy bits on it. if you want to see the proper version then you can visit the original deviation by following the top link as I am unsure how to fix it on this site


  • Aliencon 26 Sep 2014

    This is a really creative concept. I can totally imagine people engineering goldfish to look like this. The bottom one especially looks realistic.

  • Alberte Dons 25 Sep 2014

    Love it <3!!!

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