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Devon and Cornwall

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-12-09


Sorry for not adding the tail, everybody. I remember the first time seeing Quest for Camelot. I was only eight when it came out on VHS. There was a flier of the movie on my elementary school's lunch calendar, and I was eager to see it. One rainy October evening, my sisters and I watched it on VHS (a videotape cassette) at my eldest sister's apartment around my hometown. We LOVED it! The artwork was beautiful, I loved the songs (I still do), the characters were spectacular! My favorite characters from the movie are Devon, Cornwall, and Bladebeak. Those who don't which is Devon and Cornwall, Devon (voiced by Eric Idle) is on the left and Cornwall (voiced by Don Rickles) is on the right. My second older sister and I used to sing "If I Didn't Have You". She would be Cornwall and I'd be Devon. It sucks the good days are gone forever. Now my sister and I are SO distant from each other. Anyway, this my first drawing of these lovable characters.


  • Justinnator4 12 Dec 2015

    I like these characters too.

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