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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-11-11


This the sixth or seventh time painting this (it was just because I keep making mistake, after mistake, after mistake). I used Masking Fluid to make the waterfalls. Masking fluid is latex-rubber fluid that is applied to your watercolor paper, will work as a resistant, preserving the white paper or wash underneath. Wait for it to dry (including the watercolor), and simply remove it with Rubber Cement Pick Up. Don't do it too rough, though. You'll peel half of the paper off. This is my paradise right here. So serene, majestic, and relaxing. Not to mention BEAUTIFUL! My FIRST watercolor painting of Waterfalls. I'm extremely proud of this beautiful picture I painted. It's all thanks to this tutorial book I got for Christmas 2012. It's called "Creating Textured Landscapes with pen, ink, and watercolor" by Claudia Nice. It took me ALL day to complete this! This painting rightfully belongs to ME. All is in watercolor. Except I used white gel pen for the mist.


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