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By mikp
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-11-10


after Richard Schmid


  • Khobe 12 Nov 2015

    I like your subject matters, this painting though for me evokes more the charm of the last half of the 19th century impressionist russian extraordinary masters than Richard Schmid, I confess. If you don't know them here are a couple of names, Levitan Chichkine, Repine, Serov and a pleiad of others to this day,. They have a knife painting technique that has not been surpassed. Look them up, go check Volegov on Youtube he's amazing, you won't regret it.

  • mikp 12 Nov 2015

    ok now as I look I knew Chickine ;)

  • MetabolicINK 11 Nov 2015

    Something just draws me in

  • FerryQueen 10 Nov 2015


  • Adrianne Hocker 10 Nov 2015


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