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Challenge: Crystal Jones VS RookNettle


  • Ushbus 11 Nov 2015

    Narrative: You feel something crawling on you early in the morning when its still dark. You reach for your phone terrified of what it might be. You flash your screen on the subject. You gasp in horror! But then calm down when you realize you forgot you owned a cat and that it does this every morning. Cat: Feed me.

  • Cyanide4312 7 Feb 2016

    I like how the light casts on the cat

  • Aerotrack 14 Nov 2015

    nice shot ;з

  • asdawson 26 Nov 2015

    nice kitty

  • Anonymous 16 Mar 2016

    I am not really big fan of cat pictures as an art... but this one is as close to art as it gets :)

  • Anonymous 10 Nov 2015

    Wow! Great shot!

  • Anonymous 9 Nov 2015

    Excellent effect

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