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Balsa Wood Sculpture

By Ushbus
Type: craft Uploaded: 2015-11-09


We had to base our project off of a list of words, and I chose the word "Emotional." This was probably the most time consuming project ever, but it was fun. I wanted the paint job to be better but I was up until 5 am and I had to force myself to put it down and say "that will do."


  • Philip Gray 9 Nov 2015

    Very intriguing, I am having problems in figuring it out, unless it is meant to be abstract ? it is very interesting and a great paint job though !

  • Wingedog 23 Dec 2015

    I love the colors, the organicness of the shapes are very nice as well!

  • Anonymous 9 Nov 2015

    I love the colours and the shape, i would say you did your project right. Congratulations!

  • FerryQueen 9 Nov 2015

    It's beautiful!

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