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Tree of Life Swinging Doors

Type: craft Uploaded: 2015-11-05


I built these doors originally to keep my son out of the kitchen when he was a toddler.


  • dnprostudio Aug 6

    so great door design

  • Jadis 2 Feb 2016

    that's beautiful. makes me want to make something like that. doers like that are appealing anyhow, and the beautiful art makes it even more wonderful. how long did it take and what sort of tools did you carve it with? what kind of wood?

  • caratulion 5 Nov 2015

    hermoso tallado

  • tertiusviducius 5 Nov 2015

    That's one fancy toddler door.

  • Anonymous 5 Nov 2015

    wood carving

  • MaaWeiGen2 5 Nov 2015


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