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The moon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-11-02


Moon - Night - watching - alone - drawing - long hair - beard - Sketchbook


  • Jeanpooh 19 Jul 2016

    Hair is good, but agree with other comments the chest is flat

  • trevorp 2 Nov 2015

    Nice B&W artwork - looks great :-)

  • Sterling Jenkins Photography 13 Mar 2016

    Not too bad. It's not my area so I can't really give a critique but I do like the way you worked the hair and facial hair.

  • PreciliaNHawa 16 Nov 2015

    not bad

  • PreciliaNHawa 13 Nov 2015

    nice work

  • Anonymous 2 Nov 2015

    The hair looks very nice and detailed as well as the moon. I also like the cloud, which is very well drawn. What I don't like is that the body looks very flat and plain. For me, it would have required more details and highlights as on the hair.

  • Anonymous 2 Nov 2015

    Nice :)

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