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Button up

By oroos
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-10-29


commission work for my friend. Acrylic on cardboard.


  • SarembaArt 30 Oct 2015

    Really beautiful! <3

  • lewman 29 Oct 2015

    Very eerie piece indeed and very well done. The tone you have set with the use of the colors is excellent and the girl/doll also is painted very well. Perhaps the street could have more in it (lamps, litter etc) as it looks a tad empty although this could be intended? regardless excellent work!

  • Eagle 18 29 Oct 2015

    I really like this work! The person is painted with lots of details and highlights and looks great. I also like the shadows in the front. Two minor things that could possibly be improved is the transition between big and small stones on the ground as well as the bench that is very hard to spot because of the darkk colors.

  • RedKnightmares 19 Feb 2016

    Beautifully creepy. I love it! Great job

  • rpreston91 30 Oct 2015

    Wonderful painting :)

  • numer23 29 Oct 2015

    Very great artwork! Well done! :-D

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