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A Mother's Love

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-10-22


Carver County Treasure Rhythmic chomps stop the romping bronze-haired boy who pivots, spies a lady’s fingers clutch a Honeycrisp, a chartreuse fruit brushed rose like amaranth, called by those who know a fine “hand apple,” great for eating off the tree, juicy droplets shine like dew on lips scarlet-lined, and fingertips. The cheeky youngster lounges on the rustic orchard checkout, spouts a “Howdy,” watchful as the moneyed stranger munches on the crunchy treat; his mouth, a front tooth missing, waters as the one with deeper pockets savors flavor country-grown, a little rich for him, this white gold, gift-wrapped red. “That’s our apple,” touts the hovering, brown-eyed sprout, a produce patriot, proud of Carver County’s pricey prize. “Beats those ones from out-of-state,” drones the ruddy, budding spokesman, skinned fists firmly planted on slim hips poured in blue jeans handed down, scuffed knees buffed green with clover stains. The tourist chuckles and rewards the imp’s impassioned buzz, holds out her bucket tucked with Honeycrisps, offers him a couple; flashing back a scampish grin, he mumbles thanks, flies off to mom to share the wealth. Beaming pleasure, the woman turns to go, knowing who—not what—is local treasure Inspired by the group writing exercise at the Chanhassen Library visual poetry workshop.


  • Tomas 22 Oct 2015

    Great description

  • Jan Spicka 6 Mar 2016

    nice poem and painting

  • Don Art 22 Oct 2015

    Very nice..

  • trevorp 1 Feb 2016

    An interesting composition. Well done :-)

  • hermes 2 Apr 2017

    I found this art piece to be amazing {:

  • Anonymous 22 Oct 2015

    too little details but I like some of colours

  • Anonymous 22 Oct 2015


  • Ivory Noir 22 Oct 2015

    Very nice

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