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Commission: SharaElyse

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-10-12


Commish for SharaElyse on DeviantArt! Haven't seen the picture yet so I bet the colors and transparency are screwed up again... D.A. doesn't do that, just saying XD


  • Vic-Chan 12 Oct 2015

    So cute. :3

  • Jankovic 21 Jun 2016

    If they do, I'll put a bullet in my brain.

    TheBatClown 21 Jun 2016

    And I can hide your body <3

  • Anonymous 17 Apr 2016

    Ugh. So many OCs.

    TheBatClown 20 Jun 2016

    OC's will TAKE OVER THE WORLD <3

  • Anonymous 21 Mar 2016

    Not too bad :P

  • Joel'sVoid 12 Oct 2015

    That's so cute!

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