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Fennec fox and butterfly

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-10-03


This is a good buy gift to a co-worker leaving for Brazil for a short time. She wanted a drawing of herself like what I did with the manager holding a cat gun, but she was leaving the next day and I only had a 15 minute wifi break to sketch something for her. I reasoned that drawing her favorite animals could be done in minutes instead. She liked it and said blue was her favorite color, then gave me a hug and said to text her.

Challenge: Justinnator4 VS lorenzacorpullis


  • Oscarlira 28 May 2016

    I think legs has to be shorter and ears larger to be a fennec fox, other thats that is Pretty nice

  • Vic-Chan 3 Oct 2015

    Smart Fox.

  • Terrix PowerPoint 14 May 2016

    Cute.I wanna hug it. ^,^

    Justinnator4 15 May 2016

    I'd like to hug it too, but it takes time to win the trust of teritorial wild animals. Thought that may make it feel even more rewarding.

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