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Family Matters

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-09-30


Just some characters made up between friends and myself: the little winged fellow is actually supposed to be much older, buuuut it's more fun to draw him as a child. Please ignore the lamentable face of the tallest figure - faces are still one of the things that I struggle at in my art!


  • kiranox 30 Sep 2015

    you have really strong lineart, I love the little harpy dude and the beaked critter, so awesome

  • Florin Dumitru 30 Sep 2015


  • CeeCeeDude 30 Sep 2015

    I think the only thing wrong with the taller one's face is that his nose looks a little crooked. Otherwise, this is really great line art! I especially like the textures and wrinkles. It's hard to tell when it's too many or too few lines for those, but you seem to have done a wonderful job. :)

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