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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-09-29


"Waterfalls", oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm, 2015 You can also follow me here:

Challenge: tatiana-volokhova VS soulartist90


  • Crystal Jones 29 Sep 2015

    Beautiful !!!

  • terrycurley 1 Oct 2015

    I love the composition and the colors. Very well done painting, gave it a 5.

  • Aerotrack 29 Sep 2015

    good view ;з

  • Eagle 18 29 Oct 2015

    I really like your painting, it's nice work! I love the colors and the details on the trees. The only thing that disturbes me a little bit is the big water fall in the background. For me it doesn't look like it's coming out of the mountain, but just appearing out of nowhere. I don't know exactly why.

  • FaerieWarrior 29 Oct 2015

    beautiful :3 love the scenery

  • CeciliaX 16 Oct 2015

    Beautiful painting :)

  • VedR1109 1 Oct 2015

    Beautiful work.

  • Seddiabolus 29 Sep 2015

    magnificent <3

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