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I am...

By Lairai
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-09-26


I've always hated silence. It was calm at first, but after a while, it felt as though a million voices was screaming at me, or perhaps it was but a whisper. It was then that I was convinced I was alone, completely and utterly alone, sitting in front of a bright screen to keep away the darkness. I chase silence away with every word I speak to myself and every sentence nobody will ever hear simply because music is sometimes too overwhelming. I speak alone because nobody else wants to hear my words, or so I am convinced. And in that sharp silence, I created her.With a few strokes of a brush. I created her, for she was not silent.She is -and forever will be- a voice that is never quiet, a light that never dims. My chaotic and meaningless words murmured alone turned into stories, filling up the silence and the emptiness in my mind.A storyteller. And then, I had come to realize that in the darkness lit up only by the screen, it was not her who was created. It was myself. I am the Storyteller.


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