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Beyond the Stars..

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-09-21


This drawing turned totally different than I first thought it to be.. Originally I drew just a tree- since I always end up drawing trees:), I just cant help it! And halfway trough I was stuck and I did not know which direction I wanted it to go.. So It is kind of a combination of all my drawing styles.. Hope you like it!


  • Michelle Nguyen 22 Sep 2015

    so beautiful

  • TWINS2 22 Sep 2015


  • Willow 22 Sep 2015

    Oh gawd my heart *_*

  • KimberLily 4 Oct 2017

    Oooo... this one is lovely. Fantastic work!

    TWINS2 6 Oct 2017

    Thank you! You also have very interesting art- and you have a unique character style. Keep it up!

    TWINS2 7 Oct 2017


  • ♡YamiYugi♡ 23 Oct 2015

    It is very interesting! I like how colors are flying from every corner to give it an intense mood. It is a bit surreal which is something I don't usually go for, but I like this one. ^.^ Good job!-Yugi-

  • Melancholia 22 Sep 2015

    This really caught my eye. It's pleasantly psychadellic. I feel as though I am blurring my vision at a Christmas panorama. Very melty. Very beautiful.

  • nadiaart 21 Sep 2015


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