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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-09-14


Another drawing of the same person, she is and always be everything to me, there will never be enough words in the word to express how much this person means to me, i truly love everything about her more than anything in the word, i care so very much about her and i will do anything to be there for her, to give her everything she would ever want, her smile is the brightest thing ever, one worth fighting for! she is the most beautifulest and perfectest person ever! <3

Challenge: deathlouis VS sarahriebe


  • didier1961 23 Oct 2015

    great work !!!!! :-)

  • Ivory Noir 16 May 2017

    Very lovely

  • Nathan 15 Sep 2015

    Yet again, very well done!

  • Anonymous 4 Mar 2017

    Pretty ^ - ^

  • Anonymous 15 Sep 2015

    Incredible! The eyes are great!

  • Anonymous 15 Sep 2015

    Excéntrico, every shading is fantastic

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