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A Captivating Dance WIP

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-09-10


This is a work in is for a competition to be used on a silo for a city within a city. I wanted to use this rare moth to point out how rare of a community it is.


  • Jan Spicka 10 Sep 2015

    nice, hope it ends up looking awesome

  • snakedaemon 19 Sep 2015

    Nice work

  • Anonymous 14 Apr 2017

    Nice !!

  • begzArt 20 Apr 2016

    keep it up

  • Vassaline 10 Sep 2015


  • Sarikha15 10 Sep 2015

    The background is kind of distracting from the moth and the flower. Maybe darkening the strokes would help with that. Also the position of the end of the circular pattern(?) draws the eyes away from the subjects so the moth might not get the attention you want it to have. If it was in the centre instead, it'll catch more attention.

  • Anonymous 10 Sep 2015

    Cool idea.

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