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Marc Marquez

By Renna
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-09-06


5 hours work :)


  • Sterling Jenkins Photography 5 May 2016

    Absolutely excellent.

  • HenningBlom 1 Apr 2016

    Very good. A lot of motion captured in a still drawing!

  • Art is life 24 Oct 2017

    Absolutely brilliant. Sorry, it's a 5-star rating.

    Renna 8 Nov 2017

    Thank you so much :)

  • Fe. Cha 4 Jul 2017

    not a marquez fan but great work!!

    Renna 14 Aug 2017

    Me neither :D but it was a gift ... and thank you :)

  • gamze.karaagac1 6 Sep 2015

    It looks amazing

  • pencil recreations 6 Sep 2015

    You get a 5 because this is brilliant and because I am a Honda Repsol fanatic, if this had been Casey, which it's not , I would have had to give you a 6 , which I couldn't ...Anyway his successor Marc Marquez is pure magic ...I can n't believe this only took 5 hours it would have taken me days because I would have drawn it out ,feeling every line and shaded area. A beautifully balanced work of art ,Pinpoint detail and precision..only lacking that bright orange finish...All the markings appear to be exact... (Don't need a camera when you around .) I can n't fault your drawing will let someone else critique,,,,Pleasure commenting an unexpected drawing ...

  • Anonymous 6 Sep 2015


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