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Artic Mountain

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-09-03


Artic Mountain oil painting on 11 x 14 wrapped canvas

Challenge: terrycurley VS Missus Green


  • Don Art 19 Sep 2015

    nice texture!

  • Tahcha 26 Jan 2016

    Very lovely

  • Aerotrack 27 Sep 2015

    ice masterpiece ;з

  • lewman 12 Oct 2015

    What a lovely image! the sky and reflections are wonderfully done and the overall texture of the piece adds a lot of detail. The colors are vibrant while still feeling as cold as the place it portrays, i must say the mountain itself could use a little more detail though as i feel it looks a bit too vague and the range behind it could be lighter to add some more depth. Regardless a nice piece!

  • MonsterPaws 23 Sep 2015

    the texture is awesome and the water is so blue and calm i almost feel cold looking at it, love it!

  • RosalieX 22 Sep 2015

    woow looks amazing! I love the texture!

  • Anonymous 5 Sep 2015

    Very beautiful!!!

  • KhayalGhorban 3 Sep 2015

    Nice work! :) I always wanted to learn how to paint ^^

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