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I love you

By katr14
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-09-02


Medium is watercolor

Challenge: terrycurley VS katr14


  • hubert perron 30 Sep 2016

    magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    katr14 2 Oct 2016

    Thank you :)

  • terrycurley 3 Sep 2015

    Awwwww... I love this picture. Excellent work.

  • flecks 2 Sep 2015

    Just lovely, the proportions on the mom and baby are on point great! the colours and shading is also very nice. I would critique that the skin tones seem a touch "muddled" but overall a job very well done! Beautiful!

  • hgardin 2 Sep 2015

    Great work on the skin textures, highlights and shadows.

  • hgardin 2 Sep 2015

    Great depiction of shadow across the skin. I like how you have illustrated the hair and the woman's ear.

  • Angelicateriksson 2 Sep 2015

    Sweet moment! Love the Owls on moms pjs. Nice touch. Water colors are hard. You did a great job!

  • Zburlea Ariana 2 Sep 2015

    Pay attention to proportions

  • Anonymous 2 Sep 2015

    Nice watercolor!!

  • Hetarou 2 Sep 2015

    So precious ; v ; i can really feel the emotion in this piece<3

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