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Lions Head

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-09-02


Just another lions head for my tattoo design.

Challenge: Eddieblz VS faxstaff


  • Joseph kalys 2 Sep 2015

    Nice, much smudgy. lol

  • terrycurley 2 Sep 2015

    This is fantastic Eddie.

  • Bigger 24 Mar 2017

    I truly lov this rly amazing art piece!!!

  • tigerlily 5 Dec 2015

    really cool and well drawn

  • Anonymous 5 Dec 2015

    It looks good :)

  • Art is life 13 Nov 2015

    Awesome artwork. Keep it up.

  • jrcahen01 20 Sep 2015

    Great job capturing the moment here. Well done. - J

  • Khobe 3 Sep 2015

    Nice roaring lion!

  • Anonymous 2 Sep 2015

    It looks very rough. More like a sketch. I would love to see this colored!

  • Anonymous 2 Sep 2015

    hazy but well done

  • AstralBlood 2 Sep 2015

    Im not much on criticizing people about their art because I make mistakes myself. I like it. As a whole it's a great piece. The only problem I see with it is the mouth. which to me, isn't that big of a deal. Looks good!

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