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Ominous Ocean waves

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-09-02


Oil Painting on 11x14 wrapped canvas

Challenge: terrycurley VS Missus Green


  • Eddieblz 2 Sep 2015

    This is very well done as always terry. One can almost feel the water coming off the canvas.

  • Don Art 11 Jan 2016

    love it

  • AďkaG 10 Oct 2015

    goooooooood job!!! nice:)

  • hubert perron 11 Feb 2016

    superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snakedaemon 7 Sep 2015

    Nice sea scape

  • didier1961 8 Sep 2015

    good work !!!!!

  • doubleU-T-F 12 Apr 2016

    Waves FTW!

  • Ivory Noir 10 Oct 2015

    Very nice

  • Carbon2Tree 24 Sep 2015

    I like the flow of the piece. There's good motion in the water. The rock out crop feels flat though. Perhaps some darks at the edges for shading to help it stand out of the water a little. The colours in the water turned out well. Nice colour pallet.

  • Anonymous 21 Sep 2015

    Incredible :)

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