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Drew Struzan

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-31


Been doing nothing but sketching lately, missed it a lot....the awe inspiring and genius that is Drew Struzan.... Pencils, Inks and Acrylics on Gessoed Paper


  • Oscarlira 1 Sep 2015

    Great as usual Mark

  • JPW Artist 1 Sep 2015

    Awesome work

  • Briver 4 Oct 2015

    Amazing. The beard is especially good.

  • GATESYS ART 10 Sep 2015

    Great detail :)

  • LLLUC 21 Nov 2015

    Great Work ! It looks really realistic. But there is sth wrong with the mouth.. It is displaced a bit to the right. But the rest is amazing :) especially the expression if the eyes!

  • Anonymous 24 Oct 2015


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