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Sphynx cat

By stenia
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-31


Made with coloured pencils Reference photo by me.

Challenge: stenia VS Oscarlira


  • Crystal Jones 31 Aug 2015

    So lovely !!! ^^

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 29 Dec 2016

    Wild colors ! I like like !

    stenia 29 Dec 2016

    Thank you! ^^

  • Ushbus 1 Sep 2015

    So precious! I love Sphynx! I want to own one some day if my boyfriend will let me xD.

  • Eternal Art 31 Aug 2015

    Awesome. The cat looks adorable!!

  • WoodyWelch 28 Mar 2017

    To a great deal of people the Sphynx cat is an acquired taste, but I find them uniquely attractive....just like your beautiful drawing here.

    stenia 29 Mar 2017

    That's true, Sphynx cats aren't for everyone, but I personally find them appealing! Thank you very much!^^

  • hubert perron 1 Sep 2015

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexbee42 5 Sep 2015

    Amazing work!

  • Violette 2 Sep 2015

    very lovely coloring!!

  • laxmipriya196 2 Sep 2015

    very nice

  • hgardin 1 Sep 2015

    Great use of colour. I love all the delicate reflections of colour you have portrayed in the skin.

  • Fe. Cha 1 Sep 2015

    I dont like those cats but the art is gorgeous! the eyes and the skin are very well done!

  • Iquit16 1 Sep 2015

    wow! excellent! the color are amazing Love the expression. What a great work!

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