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Octopus and anchor

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-22


I like doing tattoo-like drawings and add a loooooot of details. It was a long work to do but i think the result really worth the time spent on it!


  • L0n3Gr3yW0lf 5 Dec 2014

    Very beautiful details

  • InkAndLuv 22 Sep 2014

    :'o this is amazing...I would love to get a tattoo of this :p You're very skilled <3

  • draggon-rider2 22 Sep 2014

    I love it, the detail is amazing

  • HybridEquid 22 Sep 2014

    Love this! Cool use of sea critters :3

  • Kana Go 22 Sep 2014

    I love both tatoo-style and details!

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