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My Little Pony

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-25


This is what happens when i watch Aliens then MLP

Challenge: NobleBacon VS SuperComicGeek


  • lululu174 26 Aug 2015

    ... thats the weirdest junction of movies/series ive ever seen... I LOVE IT!!! x3

  • xpector 23 Mar 2016

    interesting idea..

  • flecks 2 Sep 2015

    "cause now we've got bad blood" LOL this is hilarious nice work haha :) At first I was like what is this craziness, then I realized it was Aliens, hehe nice!

  • terrycurley 25 Aug 2015

    How cute.

  • Anonymous 25 Aug 2015

    dark :P

  • Razvan Marica 13 Jan 2017

    It's kinda funny

  • Anonymous 17 Dec 2016

    looks nice.

  • Koi 24 Oct 2015

    Poor horse

  • HargorSPdate 13 Oct 2015

    Nice! it's weird see a pink horse in a blood scene but probably for this reason is good.

  • Mythology1 4 Sep 2015

    The execution could be better, but the idea is very creative and hilarious.

  • Anonymous 25 Aug 2015

    бедный пони((

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