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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-08-22


Acrilic on paper based on Elena Reznik poto works

Challenge: terrycurley VS faxstaff


  • terrycurley 23 Aug 2015

    The bottles are great. I did a still life with bottle and though it may look easy I know it's not. Before work.

  • sinammon28 26 Aug 2015

    This is lovely :)

  • Mutantenfisch 22 Aug 2015

    I really love the harmony in the colours. And the reflections on the glass surfaces are, as others have pointed out before, amazing.

  • M. Milewska 30 Nov 2015

    it is great but you should work on construction and shapes especially on the planks :) good luck

  • Ferdinand Von Nielsen 6 Oct 2015

    Nice work :)

  • Anonymous 17 Sep 2015

    I am not really big fan of still life but it looks alright

  • rickycorbett 22 Aug 2015

    Beautiful still life. I love the reflections on the bottle and vases. The use of light and shadow is awe inspiring, especially on the table underneath the bottle, amazing. Magnificent work!

  • anibas 22 Aug 2015


  • Marulikeslamas 22 Aug 2015

    Your transparency in the glasses are very good and impressive. To me the sticks of the cherry blossom doesn't seem realistic. but that may just be me

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