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study of a work of photographer Igor Zhizhilkin

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-08-22


study of a work of photographer Igor Zhizhilkin scope: study on altering color and grazing lights. oil on canvas panel, 24 x 30 cm the original

Challenge: faxstaff VS sunflower


  • snakedaemon 22 Nov 2015

    Nicely painted

  • jeirin 13 Sep 2015

    Really astonishing. The detail, the shading, lights.

  • Anonymous 8 Sep 2015


  • Anonymous 8 Sep 2015

    that's awesome drawing!)

  • rickycorbett 22 Aug 2015

    Very classical looking piece. I love the use of light and shadow. The detail is phenomenal. The highlights in the water in the glass is amazing. Very masterful work!

  • foxnezze02 22 Aug 2015

    good painting.

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