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All Mighty Piggy Bank

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-20


Medium : Pen And Ink On Grid Paper Style : Cartoon Subject : Political Satire Artist: Stephen J. Vattimo I came up with the idea for this political cartoon from a conversation I had with a coworker. We were talking about the idea that it was good That Donald Trump was in the presidential race . Not because he would make a good president or had a chance to win the republican nomination. I just like the fact that he is bringing to the platform the issue that most Americans want politicians to address and fix. He is able to do this because he doesn't need campaign contributions to sustain his run for the White House. Where other politicians become puppets and have their string pulled by the special interest groups that poor their money into the politician's campaign. Political interest groups campaign contributions are not coming from only domestic sources, but includes foreign governments. So when politicians get elected they are focused on serving the special interests groups that financed their campaign, instead of focusing on protecting our country from foreign and domestic enemies that threatens our land, our freedom, our liberty,our prosperity . Written by Stephen J. Vattimo August 15,2015

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  • TWINS2 2 Oct 2015

    Good idea and executed!! That's what I like about this piece of art- there is a story and funny explained but on a way that it makes sense..!

  • Oscarlira 20 Aug 2015

    very satiric and critic drawin. Good job

  • ladylore 20 Aug 2015

    Interesting concept!

  • surealworld 23 Aug 2015

    I thank ever person for their opinions and critique. I wish our government would stop all their extra activity and do their constitution job, which is defend our land,our freedom,our quality of living against domestic and foreign enemies .

  • Anonymous 20 Aug 2015

    i always knew pinokio was a shady politician =p

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